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Diabetes care for older people with type 1

A top UK professor is urging the healthcare profession to make older people with type 1 diabetes a “priority and not an after-thought”.

Professor Ketan Dhatariya, a diabetes consultant at the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, wants to raise the standard for the over 60s in a bid to reduce diabetes-related hospital admissions.

Professor Dhatariya said: “The number of older people with type 1 diabetes will certainly increase with time and we need to develop a strategy to ensure that long-term survival is not invariably accompanied by a fall in standards of care. 

“It’s crucial that carers and clinicians working with older people have the knowledge required to identify those at risk and to ensure safe management of this vulnerable group. This means simplification of insulin regimens, ability to recognise the early signs of hypoglycaemia, and knowledge of how and when to adjust insulin.”