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The SEM Scanner

Care and Nursing Essentials editor Victoria Galligan spoke to the team at Bruin Biometrics, who are behind the SEM Scanner. The scanner can detect pressure damage before it is visible to the naked eye…

Could you outline the workings of the SEM Scanner - how does it detect the moisture under the skin?

The SEM Scanner is a, hand-held portable device that has been designed to measure sub-epidermal moisture (SEM) (also known as localised oedema) which is an invisible precursor to the development of incipient pressure damage.

The analogy we like to use is one of an oil tanker moving through water. The oil tanker is the actual damage to the skin and tissue, but the big wave in front of the oil tanker is the leading indicator of damage.  The Scanner therefore gives a leading warning of skin and tissue being in trouble even before you are able to see that trouble developing on the skin’s surface.