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Balmonds Skincare Bundle

Award-winning natural skincare brand, Balmonds, was founded by a mother desperate to find an emollient that didn’t sting for her baby daughter with eczema. Everything she was offered from pharmacists, GPs or dermatologists stung Lula Balmond’s sensitive skin; aqueous creams were particularly traumatic, but even anhydrous paraffin-based ointments contained synthetic ingredients she reacted to.

In the end, Natalie Balmonds gave up and made a basic traditional ointment herself. That ointment, made with organic oils, herbal tinctures and beeswax, worked so well to calm down Lula’s inflamed skin, that Natalie started making it for friends and family, and eventually founded a company to share it with the thousands of eczema-sufferers who were also in need of a safe, effective, non-stinging cream for sore skin.