healthcare industry apps are saving lives - a man uses a phone

Phone apps and the internet are some of our best and most favourite tools for figuring out which medical ailment affects us. Sadly, the information we read is only as reliable as the person writing it, so be advised to take what you read online with a pinch of salt. Yet, more and more men are living longer because they are checking their symptoms online instead of ignoring their symptoms completely. The internet and mobile apps are affecting healthcare in far more ways than most people realise and, in some cases, apps are saving lives.

Staying in touch with the right people

You may remember the first websites that offered free SMS texts if you didn't mind giving your phone numbers up to spammers. Then, along came things like Skype and What’s App, and suddenly we have free communication that is lightning fast and more readily accessible than emails, and more disability friendly than phone calls. Such apps are nice for family members who want to stay in touch, and they are revolutionary for people who need intermittent care, from people with dementia who are having off-periods, to people with schizophrenia who need somebody to help walk them safely through an episode.