The full Platinum Plan range
The Platinum Plan is a complete cleaning program for the care industry. It has been designed to help Care Homes save money whilst improving efficiency and hygiene throughout the Care Home. Everything within the Plan has been meticulously researched in order to allow Care Homes to keep on top of Infection Control procedures; the entire Platinum range is colour-coded to make adhering to the guidelines easy. Thus, the Platinum Plan offers a complete holistic approach to Care Home cleaning that cuts through the confusion and fragmentation commonly found in industry cleaning plans.
The Platinum range includes 25 high quality cleaning chemicals that have been specially developed to provide a solution for every Care Home cleaning situation. Complying with all necessary British standards, many of these chemicals are multi-purpose, minimizing the number of bottles to be stored and thus assisting with adherence to COSHH regulations. A significant number of these chemicals are available as concentrates; we provide dosing pumps to ensure correct dilution. This prevents wastage and provides an easy, economical solution to spiraling cleaning costs.
Platinum is, however, so much more than product range. The aim of the Plan is to make cleaning easier. When you sign up for Platinum you also receive the binder, an essential piece of time-saving kit.