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Leafield AquaPod

“I want to put my disposable coffee cup in the bin but what should I do with the liquid dregs?”  A problem we have all encountered. Should I tip it all in the bin and hope for the best or attempt surreptitiously to water a nearby, unsuspecting potted plant?

Leafield Environmental provides an efficient answer in the form of the Aquapod, a stand-alone liquid collection reservoir with a 9.5 litre capacity; the ideal complement to any waste receptacle sited where drinks might be consumed. 

Recycling Bin

The new stylish EnviroStep pedal bin from Leafield Environmental is rapidly becoming a favourite for the collection of food waste.

Slim enough to stand back against the wall in corridors and open offices, yet with a 90-litre capacity, the durable, rotationally moulded EnviroStep stands some 970mm high, ideal for ergonomic efficiency. The bin sports front castors and an integral handle, overcoming the problem of carrying full, vulnerable and potentially heavy sacks to collection points.

With a single aperture and pedal operated lid, the Envirostep Single is ideal for collecting heavy waste such as food or paper but is equally suitable for collecting general waste or mixed recyclate. The Envirostep bin comes with WRAP compliant colouring and labelling as standard, although personalisation options are available.