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Great Oaks care home welcomes soft food diet specialist

Great Oaks in Bournemouth has appointed a soft food diet specialist to allow for a wide range of diet requirements to be catered for at the care home.

Patrick Fensterseifer, head chef at Great Oaks, specialises in the production of dysphagia meals which means he is able to cook dishes for residents who have difficulties with swallowing. Patrick is passionate about preparing meals that are flavoursome, nutritious, well-presented and meet the specific dietary requirements of every resident. 

As a Dorset Healthcare NHS dysphagia practitioner, Patrick has a wealth of knowledge which has enabled him to lead the rest of catering team confidently and help expand their skills and understanding of the disorder. Patrick has more than 18 years’ experience as a head chef and has demonstrated to the rest of the team that it is still possible to be creative when catering for a resident who requires a soft food diet.