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Residents sat around a light projection table

Staff at MHA Langholme care home in Falmouth were left in awe after seeing first-hand the transformative effect that a motion-activated sensory projection had on residents living with dementia in the home.

With the goal of stimulating, engaging and relaxing the mind, this projection technology, which is manufactured in the UK, comes equipped with quizzes, music and themes that have been designed to prompt conversation, spark nostalgia and maintain memory. Its use of therapeutic scenes and sounds which derive from nature have been known to instantly improve a dementia resident’s sense of calm.

Through this OM Interactive motion-activated technology, residents can reach out to pop a bubble, grow a flower simply by touching it, and even dip their toes in the water as the tide rolls in – all without leaving the sense of security that their own room provides. This is made possible by the equipment’s portable and height-adjustable properties which are able to project coloured streams of light onto any table, bed or floor.

Woman Living With Dementia and Gardening

Gardening can have a profound impact on someone’s quality of life, especially those living with dementia. Gardens provide a familiar environment of relaxation, sensory stimulation and can also help to create a sense of community.  

With a wide range of benefits for both physical and mental wellbeing, gardening provides an excellent activity for someone living with dementia. 


Gardens are often perceived as places of happiness and joy, whether from childhood memories of playing, seeing and smelling your favourite flowers, or taking part in gardening as a relaxing hobby in later life, they can often spark brilliant memories.