Flexible caring - Christian Brøndum is CEO of Planday

Christian Brøndum is the CEO of Planday, a start-up that provides workforce management software to businesses working across all sectors including both hospitality and care homes. Here, he tells Care & Nursing Essentials about how software can help deal with the challenges of retaining staff…

Recently, Carers UK announced the results of a report which found that over 600 people quit their job every day to prioritise caring for older and disabled relatives. Anyone working in the care sector will be familiar with the unique stresses of caring for an elderly or disabled person. Perhaps even more stressful is the fact that often, employers fail to provide the flexibility necessary for workers to keep their jobs whilst caring for their loved ones. Whether you work in the care sector or find yourself struggling to care for relatives whilst working, the need for flexibility is a pressing issue.

Great Oaks is a home from home

Making the decision to move into a care home, or to help a loved one move in, can be a hugely upsetting and challenging time so making the right choice is important.

Vi spoke about her experience of choosing Great Oaks, managed by Encore Care Homes, for her partner Derek and how it feels like a home from home for both of them.

Sadly, my partner Derek can no longer do anything for himself as he has Alzheimer’s disease and chronic kidney disease, so we needed to choose a care home that would be able to cater for all of his care needs. Great Oaks is situated just a few minutes away from our home in Wallisdown so we made the decision to view it and were not disappointed. The rooms and facilities on offer are outstanding and finished to such a high standard, which confirmed this was the right place for Derek to live and call his home.