NuVu Life: Liqui-Life Shakes

It is well-known in the care sector that malnutrition affecting the senior population is an ever-growing concern. Indeed, it is common-knowledge that underweight residents require higher levels of care and are much more likely to be hospitalised.  
Unfortunately, catering to people who are malnourished or at risk of malnutrition can be a challenge.  
Our Nu Vu Liqui-Life shake has been developed specifically for residents who struggle to maintain a healthy weight. It can be prepared by any member of staff and takes minimal training. 
Such products have been around for a while but are generally lower calorie, higher sugar and with lower micronutrients. Nu Vu has been specifically formulated to meet a growing need. 
Nu Vu – is for people with low MUST scores, convalescents, or those in respite care -   needing calories/ nutrients - an optimum package of the most concentrated form, for rapid results. 
Nu Vu Liqui-Life Shakes  provide a low sugar calorific boost outside of 3 meals a day.

At NuVu Life, we are strong advocates of the Food First Approach, however, we understand the difficulties of providing sufficient macro and micronutrients to people with reduced appetites via conventional food alone. 
Supplementation of the Liqui-Life shake alongside the Food First Approach will ensure that vulnerable residents are getting the vital nutrients that they need. One shake per day (made with 200ml of whole milk) will provide 399kcal, 24g of protein, 24g of fat and 100% RI of 14 essential vitamins and NuVu Life: Liqui-Life Shakesminerals. 

NuVu Life recognise that not all Care requirements are the same and that there is a spectrum both of need and economy. In response to this, we are expanding the range of Nu Vu products:
•    50g Original Shake Sachets: Strawberry, Chocolate, Banana, Butterscotch – available in cases of 70 sachets or retail packs of 6.
•    2kg Shakes in all flavours – for back of house/ bulk reconstitution. 
•    Unflavoured Shake – for fortification of (eg)Hot Beverages, Soups, Sauces and Mashed potato meals.
•     Calorie dense Desserts – a great addition to finish any meal. 
•    Thickening powder – to add viscosity to any food, to help with swallowing.
The ongoing battle against malnutrition in the Care Sector is daunting. It is our mission to alleviate some of this pressure by developing products that are effective, economical and most importantly are enjoyable to consume.
Nu Vu products are developed and manufactured in the UK by Protein Partners Ltd, a subsidiary of County Milk Products Ltd and in collaboration with Nemi Dairy.