Nurse Call

The end of the Nurse Call system?

The end of the Nurse Call system?

Sometimes nurse call systems are simply referred to as a buzzer which is used by residents to call a nurse for help or assistance. It doesn’t sound like a rocket science, does it?

It’s not that long ago we used mobile phones just to make calls and send an occasional text message. Nowadays making a call is just one small function of our smartphones which have swiftly replaced the old mobile technology.

With many technological solutions in everyday use in healthcare, evolution is underway. Nurse call buzzers are not immune, but can this traditional technology meet the current needs of busy care homes and become a sustainable technology for the future?

Retaining and rewarding top talent within the care home sector

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Staff in the care home sector provide invaluable care to some of the UK’s most vulnerable people, but these employees and the industry as a whole are facing unprecedented change.

According to Skills for Care, in 2016 the adult social care sector employed an estimated 1.5 million people, a large number of them low-wage staff. The introduction of the National Living Wage (NLW) and the overwhelming shortage of skilled carers, compounded by Brexit, is directly impacting resources. It is now more important than ever for care homes to retain staff and drive employee engagement and productivity to ensure we can continue to care for those most in need.

The challenges facing the sector

A Culture of Accountability

Scandals like Winterbourne View and Mid-Staffs have understandably knocked people’s confidence in the health and care system. Part of our commitment to rebuilding that trust comes from making sure that people are held to account for failings when they occur. We don’t want a culture of fear, but we have to ensure that in cases where people have failed in their responsibilities, those people are held to account.” - Norman Lamb

Care standards have come under heightened scrutiny in light of recent high profile cases of abuse and neglect. Improving accountability on both an individual and organisational level is an important step towards bettering levels of care and restoring faith in the sector.