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UK’s leading care home reviews site launches first ever TV advert

carehome.co.uk, the UK’s leading care home reviews site is launching its first ever TV advert on Boxing Day.
Every year carehome.co.uk sees a huge rise in the number of people looking for a care home after Christmas, with nearly a half million extra people visiting the site during this time. The increase in traffic is the result of many families realising over the Christmas period that their relatives are not coping well on their own.
You can watch carehome.co.uk’s TV advert at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SyE62v4XyXQ&feature=youtu.be
Andrew Bennett, Marketing Director at carehome.co.uk, said: “With the post-Christmas period being peak time for those searching for care, we hope the TV advert will bring more people to carehome.co.uk so we can assist them in finding the right care home.
“The advert is aimed at strengthening the carehome.co.uk brand with the specific goal of increasing the numbers of visitors to the site and ultimately boosting traffic to our care home profiles.
“The advert will make more people in the UK aware that we have nearly 150,000 in-depth reviews of care homes, which give a real insight into what they are like.
“When it comes to searching for a care home, carehome.co.uk continues to be the ‘Go To’ site, receiving over 90% of care home directory traffic and we anticipate the ad will build upon a hugely successful 2019 and help carry the momentum through to 2020 and beyond.”
The TV ad, which launches on Boxing Day and runs till 19 January across multiple channels including C4, ITV3, Sky Arts and BT Sport, has three key messages.
Mr Bennett added: “We wanted to show how easy the site is to navigate through to relevant and useful content.Two people watching a TV advert on a tablet
“Secondly, we wanted to show the depth of information held on carehome.co.uk. This includes the number of care homes we list, the types of services covered and the sheer number of reviews. It’s all here and in one place.
“Thirdly and this is possibly the most important, we wanted viewers to come away with an understanding of how seriously we take our reviews process. Reading reviews is such an important part of choosing a care home for a loved one and you have to be able to completely trust every review. It’s important for the person searching for the care home and for the integrity of carehome.co.uk. We have a continuously evolving review checking process which comes across in the ad.”
The TV advert was produced by Happy Hour and filmed at Barchester Moreton Hill Care Centre in Stroud, which provides 24-hour nursing and residential care, alongside expert dementia care.
Tina Marsh, Team Leader at the care home along with Steve Chamberlain, the Activities Coordinator, both star in the advert.
Andrew Bennett, carehome.co.uk’s Marketing Manager, said: “We received fantastic support from Barchester Moreton Hill Care Centre who kindly allowed us to film in their care home and to keep the advert authentic we used actual staff. We are extremely grateful to Moreton Hill and especially to Steve and Tina who came across so well on screen.”

Daney Thomas, General Manager at Moreton Hill said “It was fantastic to have our home chosen for this advert. The team here are proud of our work and hope this reflected that the care of residents is always at the forefront of everything we do.”
Tina Marsh, Team Leader at Moreton Hill and former Carer of the Year said “It was exciting to be filmed in this advert. I have worked at Moreton Hill for over 20 years and this was a new experience for me. This care centre is a fantastic example of how to provide effective nursing and residential care while feeling at home and I hope that comes across.”