Activities based care software - RemindMecare 2.0 launches on 13th September


Tech in care is now the norm, and everyone wants to know what’s coming next. Well this is it. RemindMecare is the leader in person centred care activities based software, and with the launch of its new version, it’s bringing new features to address the requests of its clients post Covid.

So what’s so special?

Here’s just some of the new features;

RemindMeCare - care softwareROOMS – Your own care facility video portal, and one for each resident. No cost, GDPR compliant and easier than zoom.
ACTIVITIES – Hundreds of readymade activities for every day of the week. Or a means to make your own.
FAMILY CONNECTIVITY – Video connectivity, remote music and content upload, life story books and much more.
APPS PLAYSTORE PORTAL – a curated collection of vetted Playstore apps, and means to capture usage data.
AUTOMATED ACTIVITY REPORTING – for management, carers, family and regulators.
ROI – RemindMecare saves and makes money. The average care facility will gain returns of over £15k pa. Check our calculator here;

What will I need to use it?

As little as a  tablet and broadband. Or as much as you want. For RemindMecare works on tablets, connects to TVs, integrates with touchscreen tables and care planning software, and connects to Alexa, with our own proprietary skills. So how far you want to go is up to you.


What’s next!

Over the next year, we’ll be launching a lot of what we know you want; from Alexa care skills for self-care management, admin and family and entertainment, to rewards based care tokens, community tools, family wallets and digital life story book creation. If it’s activity then RemindMeCare - care softwareRemindMecare will have it covered. Get in now and these will be free.


Special Offer – RemindMecare is free….for the next two weeks. 

Free forever? Crazy right? (OK. There’s a £399 one time set up and support fee). Well Covid was a tough time for everyone. Including us. So we gave RemindMecare free to anyone who asked. And learnt from them what they wanted from tech. The all new RemindMecare 2.0 is the result and si the next generation in activity based person centred care. 

….and for home care, check out

As a taste of things to come, check out, our consumer portal and rewards based Membership platform. It’s here where you start when you first need care solutions. And a means to be part of something when you need it most.