Limbkeepers,non-compression knitted sleeves

Limbkeepers are non-compression knitted sleeves, a new solution helping to protect fragile, thinning skin on arms, hands, and legs from abrasion, skin tears and bruising. These versatile products, which help reduce injuries, allow for continued daily activities, and help to maintain quality of life and independence. 

limbkeeper pic

Limbkeepers provide cushioned comfort and warmth without added bulk. The universal design allows them to fit either limb. Limbkeepers unisex sleeves are made to look and feel like clothing, worn under everyday apparel, giving confidence and dignity to the wearer.

There are many factors contributing to fragile skin, medication induced skin disorders, sun damage, post-surgery healing, wound care management and the normal ageing process. The many features of Limbkeepers help protect these vulnerable areas. They are form fitting without compression, attractive, soft, and comfortable. There are no seams and no fasteners for easy wear and moisture management for easy care, making them perfect for people who do not want or need a compression product. Limbkeepers are manufactured in the USA, are registered with the MHRC in the UK and carry the UKCA mark. More information can be found at