Hand Health Solutions with System Hygiene

Handwashing remains one of the most important ways to prevent the spread of infection in care homes.

Hand decontamination plays a dual role in helping to protect both residents and staff from acquiring micro-organisms that can cause harm. Hands may look clean, but micro-organisms are always present — some harmful, some not.

 Removing micro-organisms remains the most important factor in preventing germs and bacteria from being transferred to other people or the environment.

system-hygieneSystem Hygiene supports care homes and social care facilities in breaking the chain of infection by providing a range of products that are effective when nearby handwashing facilities are not available.

Our clients carry hand sanitiser on clips while on duty and in strategically placed wall dispensers for other locations. Portable touchless dispensing stations are ideal for when hand sanitiser or soap needs to be deployed quickly between high-traffic hotspots. Pump bottles and alcohol wipes close the circle for on-the-go hand hygiene.

We also stock a comprehensive range of PPE including disposable gloves, aprons and masks.

System Hygiene has supplied hygiene products to the health sector for over 38 years. Specialist virucidal disinfectants — effective against viruses, bacteria, fungi & spores including MRSA, GAS, C. diff, Norovirus and Coronavirus — are stocked for next-day delivery.

For sales and service, please call System Hygiene’s friendly customer services team on 01282 777999.

All major brands are stocked. CHSA member. ISO quality certified.