Help to those having difficulties with mental health

As we navigate through the Covid-19 pandemic, there is an increasing concern about the country’s mental health. Families who have been separated for months, bereavement suffered without normal means of support; and children not attending school. All have had an impact. 

For those in or connected to the care industry, things have been particularly difficult. With a restriction on visitors, families had to adapt how they connected, with our older generation learning new technologies to keep in touch. There have been many videos and photos shared on social media of children at windows visiting their elderly relatives. Carers have stayed away from their own families in order to keep their residents safe. 

For everyone involved it has been extraordinary. Staff and their families worried about spreading the virus, whilst relatives of care residents have been unable to visit. As adults, we can understand, even if we find it difficult to reconcile. However, younger children may really struggle. They may really struggle for some time to come.

With a desire to help, Clare Shaw, an author of therapeutic stories for primary aged children, has partnered with a national mental health charity, Kaleidoscope Group Plus.

difficulties with mental health
Clare writes picture books to help younger children understand certain situations. The current focus is on two of her books, Love Will Never Die; Helping children through bereavement and At Times I Get These Feelings; Helping children with emotions. 

Love Will Never Die has been used by schools and funeral directors across the country since it was first published. It explains death in an incredibly honest and direct, child-friendly way. There are many areas where the child can write or draw their own emotions, while the text gently guides the child through their grief.

Children can find it difficult to identify and deal with their emotions. At Times I Get These Feelings covers twelve emotions explaining how each can make the child feel and offering hints and tips to help them with that feeling. There are many activities in the book that are widely used by teachers and ELSAs (Emotional Literacy Support Assistants) within schools and it has been hailed a “must have” for all children!

Established in 1973, Kaleidoscope Group Plus offer a wide range of services for people experiencing difficulties with their mental wellbeing. Their services include: ‘community outreach initiatives to provide opportunities to people who want to improve their wellbeing, counselling for young people and adults, corporate mental health training, national telephone support line, national crisis text line, as well as residential care homes and supported houses for the most vulnerable in society.’

Together we hope to be able to help those who need it across the country. We are working to get free copies of Love Will Never Die and At Times I Get These Feelings into primary schools across the UK through fundraising and corporate sponsorship. We have set up discount code KPG40 at offering people 40% off rrp on these two titles; with every book sale on the website a percentage goes back into the charity to help fund the much needed and superb work that they carry out.

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Kaleidoscope Plus Group have just launched a brand-new service - Talk2Us - free to use for anyone in the UK.

You can contact them through the following:
Phone: Call 0800 059 0123 Monday-Friday between 9am & 8pm, Saturday-Sunday between 5pm-8pm.
Messenger: Chat to us online through our website, or directly through Facebook and a member of our team will be with you as soon as possible to talk.