Employing Care Workers From Overseas

The UK government has finally acknowledged that workers from overseas can help to address the current critical shortage of care assistants and home care workers in the UK.  Carers will now join Senior Carers on the list of skilled jobs that can be filled with workers from abroad.    

The Carer route is temporary but is likely to be in place for at least 12 months.   Employers may breathe a sigh of relief but there is some red tape involved and they need to be prepared before embarking on this route to recruitment.   There are also extra costs involved. 

The first step is to apply for a Sponsorship Licence which gives employers the right to employ foreign workers.   Sponsors have duties and it is essential to have the right HR systems in place.  Once that is in place, they can recruit, but the new staff member will need to make an application for permission to come to the UK as a Skilled Worker or to stay in the UK but in a different job.  

sallieThe whole exercise will obviously take longer than the normal recruitment process within the UK.  However, in the long term,  it may cost less time and management energy than advertising without success in the UK.   

Get Ready To Employ Care Workers From Overseas 

We know that employers in the care sector need people now.  We also know that this sector is already heavily regulated and employers will not welcome yet another set of responsibilities and regulations connected to Sponsorship Licences.  

We can take the pressure off.  We can ensure everything is in place for a successful and ongoing Sponsorship Licence which will give you the flexibility to employ foreign workers as you need them.  We handle the red tape to get the people you need in place as fast as possible. 

We are not a faceless law machine like some firms.  We offer a personal service which takes into account the nature of your particular business.  You will not be passed around different lawyers and you will not wait ages for answers to your questions and concerns.  We are experts in this work and have a great track record.   

Contact us if you need more information or help. We offer a free 20 minute consultation.   Call Sallie Davies or Angela Cole on 01473 229820    or email at info@immigrationlegalservices.co.uk