The latest easing of Covid restrictions in care homes

John Ramsay, founder of social venture Social-Ability, comments: "The latest easing of Covid restrictions in care homes will come as incredibly welcome news to residents, particularly the 70% who live with dementia, for whom social interaction with friends, family, and fellow residents is a pillar of their health and wellbeing.

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"But make no mistake - this alone will not solve the problem of chronic loneliness that has blighted the care system since before the pandemic and has been overlooked for too long.

"A third of those with dementia experience loneliness and isolation as a result of this condition. For many care home residents, opportunities for socially stimulating activity have been too infrequent, with dementia symptoms as well as their mental health worsening as a result.

"We desperately need the care system to prioritise therapies that consistently deliver opportunities for social activity, whether it be communicating with loved ones via video chat, or playing interactive games with the rest of their care home community. Whether restrictions return or not, this will hugely improve the quality of life of those who have felt forgotten for far too long."