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One P01NT – Taking CARE of the SMALL things, whilst you ………

……focus on the BIGGER picture; resident care! 

EC Computers can be your One P01NT of contact for all your ‘Business and Office’ systems.

Saving you Time, Saving you Money! 

The daily complexity of maintaining high levels of resident care, alongside the enormous list of other plans, services and resource you are required to control is mind blowing; running a Care Home is not just looking after residents. All of which has to be managed, often minute by minute, but we do not need to tell you that.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could help you manage all of this?older people with tablet

Integrating this between departments, especially for larger groups is key; ensuring that everyone knows what is going on. So technology and especially One P01NT software solutions becomes a necessity to keep on top of all of this. 

Then there is everything you need to run a home, which comes from a myriad of service providers; one for this, one for that, the list can be exhaustive. 

nurses_pcs2_1_0.jpgBut it doesn’t need to be, does it?

So, EC Computers, your One P01NT of contact for all ‘Business & Office’ systems. 

You do such an excellent job of looking after your residents, so let us, EC Computers take Care of you!

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