New Dementia Care Programme at Abbotswood Court Unlocks Tender Moment

Utilising their new NAMASTE Care Programme, the Dementia Team at Abbotswood Court has helped to enable meaningful interactions with loved ones.

Home to a dedicated Dementia Care Team, they currently have 21 residents living with dementia. To aid this growing dementia community, Abbotswood Court has recently introduced a new NAMASTE Care Programme. Providing stimulating and meaningful experiences, this initiative has enabled an elderly female resident with dementia to share a tender moment with her husband.

Situated in Romsey, the Abbotswood Court Care Home offers non-residential day care, short-term respite care, residential care, nursing care and specialised dementia care. Bringing the NAMASTE Care Programme to Romsey they are meeting the needs of people with advanced dementia through human contact, sensory stimulation and meaningful activity. 

Assisting a lady resident who is living with advanced dementia, Sarah Delves Dementia Manager at Abbotswood Court has highlighted an instance of positive behaviour encouraged by her through the use of the NAMASTE Care Programme.

Sarah said:

"Dementia can be incredibly challenging for family members and we have a female resident with advanced dementia whose husband often feels like he has lost his wife to the illness. Prior to one of his visits, on the day of the Royal Wedding, we gave the lady a sensory hand massage using oils in our NAMASTE area. As her husband came down from the lift I said, here comes your husband! He sat next to her, she New Dementia Care Programme at Abbotswood Court Unlocks Tender Momentstroked his face and said, I love you. Gifting the pair a tender moment, this represents our team's ability to help ease the severity of some dementia symptoms through the new programme.''

Developed in the US, NAMASTE combines compassionate care with music, therapeutic touch, colour, food treats and scents. This gives people with Dementia the best possible quality of life and encourages positive behaviour. Adopted by the Abbotswood Court Dementia Care Team, NAMASTE was introduced following a study of five UK care homes. The study found that the programme enhanced the quality of life of residents with advanced dementia and age-related neurological conditions.

Sarah continues:

"Aside from our NAMASTE Care Programme, every member of the Dementia Care Team is specially trained, experienced and cares deeply about enhancing thelives of our dementia residents. Our work can include small things such as spending time, chatting with and listening to individuals with dementia. We will alsodo activities which are meaningful to sufferers, for example watering plants, playing music, knitting, going for a walk in the garden or looking at the wildlife. Furthermore, we will encourage residents to do purposeful tasks, such as washing up, sweeping and laying tables.

By encouraging someone with dementia to do something creative, some gentle exercise, or take part in a stimulating activity, Abbotswood Court helps residents withdementia to realise their potential, improve their happiness and share quality time with loved ones. They also host regular ‘Forget-Me-Not Café'. These give the family members of residents and carers in the community the opportunity to meet over coffee, speak to like-minded individuals and combat loneliness.

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