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Trust Jangro for all your Healthcare supplies

Jangro, the largest network of independent janitorial supply companies in the UK and Ireland, provides the Healthcare sector with a wide range of medical and healthcare supplies.

Suitable for all healthcare related environments including hospitals, hospices, doctors’ surgeries, care homes, rehabilitation facilities and assisted living accommodation, the huge range covers:

  • Protective wear and patient care
  • Laundry care
  • Housekeeping
  • Beds and mobility equipment
  • Washroom equipment
  • Medical supplies and equipment
  • Assisted dining care and kitchen hygiene 

One of the key clinical priorities is to protect patients, visitors and staff within the workplace which is why Jangro also supply Infection Control products to help safeguard the health of patients. These medical supplies can be used in any healthcare workplace.

Jangro also stock dining and kitchen hygiene products which are reliable for maintaining hygienic conditions for food preparation and service. Jangro even offers larger mobility equipment as well as medical beds for use in care. 

All of the products can be seen in their catalogue. This is available to anyone that is responsible for purchasing products and Trust Jangro for all your Healthcare suppliesequipment in the healthcare sector. Visit: http://www.jangro.net/digital-catalogue

Becoming a Jangro customer has a whole host of additional benefits, with free online solutions to help clients manage staff training, company budgets and all-important health and safety legislation requirements, as well as complementary downloads for essential wall charts.

There are 45 Jangro distributors across the UK and Ireland, and the group’s buying power means that customers reap the benefits of fantastic prices and a great local service.

Joanne Gilliard, CEO at Jangro, said: “We are very pleased with the progress of Jangro’s position within the Healthcare sector gaining recognition as a reliable supplier of quality products. “

“The current catalogue is free of charge and can be ordered by calling 01204 795 955, emailing enquiries@jangro.net or through any of our 45 distributors, who are conveniently located across the UK and Ireland. You can visit www.jangro.net to find your nearest distributor.”