Harvest Healthcare

At Harvest Healthcare, we help Care Homes by being part of a solution to their problems. Through working with Care Home groups, we have identified some key problems such as; price pressure, compliance, attracting and retaining staff, rising costs, improving clinical outcomes and occupancy rates. We believe that our ‘3 C’ approach, focusing on compliance, costs and care can help to solve these problems.


We offer services to make sure you are complaint with legal standards.

 LOLER and PUWER testing make sure equipment is safe to use and complies with bed rail regulations. 

Help you to comply with the Care Quality Commission’s Key Lines of Enquiry.

Planned preventative maintenance optimises safe and reliable operation 

Training of all key staff in the correct use of equipment protects residents from avoidable harm and ensures equipment is well maintained.Harvest Healthcare

We offer 24/7 technical support and 4-hour engineer call out to make sure that your equipment always remains safe and compliant.


Harvest Healthcare’s products can minimise lifetime costs, over 5 years we have been proven to reduce costs by 25%. 

Our products are designed for Care Homes so are neither over or under engineered, many come with a 5-year warranty as we believe in the quality of our products. 

We give careful product selection advice, resulting in the minimum possible spend whilst delivering the best outcome. 

Planned preventative maintenance maximises the life of equipment, reducing breakdowns and call-outs. 

If you do experience a breakdown, we train local maintenance people to carry out simple repairs or provide troubleshooting by phone. 

We offer a mattress exchange programme, reducing unnecessary call outs and never leaving you without a mattress, minimising costs and ensuring patient comfort.


Harvest Healthcare can offer better clinical outcomes. 

Correct product selection minimises pressure ulcer development. 

Staff are trained to use the products correctly meaning the equipment performs as intended for longer. 

Our products are designed to help control infection using flush headboards and welded mattress seams and flaps. 

We have falls reduction products to improve safety. 

Our vigilant system alerts staff when residents are out of bed via the nurse call system.

The motion activated under-bed light gently illuminates the floor to help residents and carers to see when moving around at night. 

The Woburn Ultra-Low bed goes close to the floor, so if a patient rolls out of the bed they roll safely onto a crash mat. 

For more information, please contact James Brookes at james.brookes@harvesthealthcare.co.uk