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EA Dribble

Regard Partnership Group, one of Britain's largest care providers, have completed the acquisition of  Learning Difficulties Group Solar Care Homes, Cornwall for an undisclosed sum. The sale was negotiated by veteran Agent Eddie Dribble who has been active in the Private Care Home industry for over 45 years.

Emanual A Dribble, better known in the Business Transfer market as Eddie Dribble, has been in the Care Home transfer agency business for around 40 years. His extensive knowledge and expertise is second to none in negotiating a satisfactory conclusion for many long standing clients

In 1972 he founded and subsequently developed the care home division, of then the National Transfer Agents, Luxton and Lowe Limited. Since that time he has personally travelled the length and breadth of the EA DribbleBritish Isles inspecting and evaluating every type of care home. No matter what size and what cost he has negotiated sales to a range of buyers, which include large companies and single private individuals. He has established a reputation throughout the industry which provides a truly personal service, always remaining fully confidential.

Luxton and Lowe Limited were taken over in 1991 by a large London property agent. At this time to keep the personal service and confidentiality, which was also his strict code of practice, Eddie Dribble decided he needed to form his own private transfer agency to continue to provide a high quality individualistic service. Since this time he has continued to serve the industry with his own brand of personal and confidential negotiations and keep his commission rates at a competitive level.

To this day care homes of every size and description and in every location are continuously required for a list of carefully vetted applicants.