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This revolutionary non-powered mattress combines air and foam so that its users benefit from the comfort of a static mattress whilst profiting from the advanced pressure relief that an alternating pressure mattress provides.

The Reposa® Synergy by Alpine HC possesses a cutting-edge technology that uses nature to redistribute the pressure applied on the mattress.  Exposed valves naturally inhale and exhale air when pressure is exerted on the inset air-foam cells, evenly distributing pressure across the user’s skin. 

Using multiple specialist foams, the Synergy mattress greatly enhances user comfort. A rigid foam frame surrounds the air-foam cells, providing a sturdy structure and support for the user whenAlpine HC's Hybrid Mattress video transferring into and out of the bed. A two inch super-soft foam topper provides exceptional comfort and added pressure relief. The foam has 240 individually semi-rounded nodes on the top surface of the mattress, with each node of soft foam compressing easily to provide as little resistance as possible to pressure applied on the mattress. 

The foot end of Alpine HC’s Reposa® Synergy mattress system is tapered down to relieve pressure on the vulnerable heel skin of the user. By tapering the foot end of the mattress, the thighs take the majority of the weight, relieving pressure on the patient’s heels. Heels are renowned for being at riskof pressure sores, bearing a lot of pressure a small area of skin.

The Reposa® Synergy is designed for high dependency users, and safety was at the forefront of the whole Synergy development. Four handle loops are fixed to the underside of the mattress, greatly increasing the ease of evacuation in the event of an emergency. Buckle straps also ensure the Synergy can be securely attached to the bed it is used with.

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