Care Home Support and Training

At Care Home Support and Training we work with Managers, Nominated Individuals and Providers to meet and exceed the regulatory requirements.

Expectations on social care services mean that Managers and Providers can sometimes feel overwhelmed with what appears to be increasing demands and ever changing requirements.  Care Home Support and Training work with you, offering professional support and expertise to find creative solutions to your challenges and problems.

We have a small team, with over 45 years of experience in health and social care. We offer a personalised service, specific to your needs, whether that is training in the fundamental standards, how to improve your CQC rating, streamlining documentation or policies …. or any care home challenges that you may face.

Care Home Support and TrainingCQC are using their enforcement powers to effect change, placing restrictions on registration as well as closing services that fail to meet the regulations.  We are just as passionate about the quality of social care services and how quality impacts on service users, but we will help you and your business to succeed.

Being the Registered Manager is a pivotal role in health and social care.  Does the Manager get the training, support and mentorship that they require? Is the service well-led because the Manager is continuously seeking to improve? Remember, we all know that mistakes will occur, but it is what the Manager does about it that affects the care home rating. Our training can be delivered at your premises or at one of the many venues across the country. 

If you want further details about any of the services that we offer, then please use the contact form on our website: