Biometric Access Contol Offers Real Benefits To Care Homes

Modern biometric scanners from ievo Ltd, the Newcastle-based manufacturer of biometric recognition systems, are giving care homes both enhanced security and reliable data.


Swipe cards, numeric key pads and other traditional methods of access security are rapidly being replaced by more convenient biometric technology within the Care Home sector, providing enhanced security for residents and vital time and cost saving benefits to allow staff more time to provide the personal care their residents deserve.


Staff, or residents, are not required to remember PIN numbers or carry physical passes, providing convenience and confidence that only registered users are on the premises or have Biometric Access Contol Offers Real Benefits To Care Homesaccess to secure areas. Using unique multispectral imaging technology to scan and capture data, ievo fingerprint readers can read data regardless of skin conditions (dry, aging skin etc) and levels of surface debris such as moisture and dirt. The system provides fast and accurate information for enhanced identity verification.


Readers can be installed to govern a variety of access points such as entry doors for staff, residents and visitor, and integrate into access control systems which can facilitate multi-tiered security infrastructures allowing different areas to be managed separately, eg, pharmaceutical stores accessed by staff only.


Many homes are already enjoying the cost benefits of the technology – no replacement cards, no fraudulent entry, no staff required to monitor entry/exit points, security for residents with dementia, for example, and accurate real time data for health and safety, personnel management and security purposes.

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