Wiltshire Farm Foods unveils a new Softer Foods range

The UK’s leading frozen meals delivery service, Wiltshire Farm Foods, has unveiled an enhanced range of dishes to improve the visual quality of its award-winning Level 4 Puréed meals.

Its Purée Petite range now features sausages which look freshly sizzled, chips and potatoes that are beautifully browned and grill steaks which appear lightly seared, all to enhance the aesthetics of its texture modified food selection. When it comes to first impressions, food presentation is of paramount importance to Wiltshire Farm Foods and creating dishes which allows its customers to dine with dignity, no matter their medical condition.  Containing a similar calorie and protein content as Wiltshire Farm Foods’ Purée Classic dishes, its Purée Petite range provides a similar nutritional value for those with a smaller appetite.        pureed meals range by Wiltshire Farm Foods

The range has been created specifically for those with swallowing difficulties; a condition known as dysphagia.  Dishes with this texture are pureed and smooth with a consistent texture, each one meeting with IDDSI Level 4 requirements.  With over 500 calories and 15g of protein in every 275g portion size, the Purée Petite range makes mealtimes more manageable for those living with dysphagia; a condition which can account for severe malnutrition amongst those living with it. 

Phil Rimmer, Head Chef for Wiltshire Farm Foods, says, “After spending a number of months developing this innovation, we are thrilled to bring the new and improved Purée Petite range to our customers.  The team is passionate about providing quality nutrition and we have created these dishes to support healthcare professionals in all the fantastic work they do with some of society’s most vulnerable.”

pureed meal - vegetarian sausages by Wiltshire Farm FoodsDishes include perennial favourites such as Pork Sausages and Mash, Steak and Chips, Fish and Chips and All-Day Breakfast.  There are numerous challenges in creating safe, compliant meals via home blending with the process being both time consuming for carers and potentially hazardous for patients if the correct texture is not achieved. Wiltshire Farm Foods eliminates any need for home blending with its texture modified range.

Wiltshire Farm Foods will be launching its new Purée Petite range at Naidex on 17th and 18th March at NEC, Birmingham. You can find them on Stand N527.

For more information on the Purée Petite range visit: specialistnutrition.com