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Nurse washing hands to prevent infection control

In the lead up to National Bug Busting Day on 31st January, MediSupplies is raising awareness of infection control measures that can be taken to prevent cross-contamination and reduce the spread of infection within your organisation. This article focuses on the benefits of hand sanitisers, sanitising wipes and clean indicator notes, enabling heightened protection from germs.
Keeping hands clean wherever, whenever
Prevalent now in most organisations, hand sanitisers are an effective way of reducing the spread of infection around your business. They provide a quick and easy way of killing up to 99.9% of microorganisms on the hands when time is of the essence and handwashing facilities are not easily accessible.

Disposable gloves

Disposable gloves are essential in protecting the wellbeing of employees, controlling the spread of infection and preventing possible cross-contamination. Ensuring the correct type of glove for employees and the task in hand can be somewhat overshadowed by the costs involved in large quantity orders, with many organisations searching for cheaper options that perform as well as their preferred glove brand.
JustGloves offers solutions for companies looking to save money on disposable gloves without the hassle of searching and testing alternative products.

Gompels Healthcare infection control range

With care budgets continuing to be cut across the UK, keeping your care home to the standard that prospective residents and their families will be expecting is an on-going headache. Choosing Gompels own-branded products will help you to get the most from your budget, keeping costs low and hygiene standards high, throughout your entire care home. 

Hand washing

We’ve developed an extensive range of antibacterial hand soaps, rubs, scrubs and sanitisers, plus touch-free dispensers designed to minimise the spread of germs. To help get the most from these products our Hand Washing Training Kit is great for checking the effectiveness of the hand washing technique. It can often be a shock to see what the UV torch reveals, and generally results in better hand hygiene procedures all round!  

Tracey using Duplex Cleaning Machine

Duplex advocate, Tracey Kirkland who is Head Housekeeper of a large care home in Surrey commented recently: - I work in a large care home where in recent years we introduced the Duplex machine to our range of cleaning appliances. We found the Duplex machine to be very user friendly and light enough to be suitable for all users. The cleaning power of the machine is incredible.
The Duplex is not only easy to manoeuvre around but very quiet compared to the other cleaning machines I use. Also, there are no nasty chemicals used – it works by steaming – which is environmentally friendly, a very important factor with our residents in mind.
You have only to watch the machine work to see how powerful it is on hard floor surfaces, it is amazing and I have used many machines but none clean and sanitize like the Duplex. The surface of the cleaned area is dry almost immediately which reduces the risk of slips and falls immensely. Not only does the Duplex clean hard floors, it also cleans carpets of urine, faeces and other spillages common in a care home but again leaves the carpet with very little drying time required which is an asset in this environment. 

Recycling Bin

The new stylish EnviroStep pedal bin from Leafield Environmental is rapidly becoming a favourite for the collection of food waste.

Slim enough to stand back against the wall in corridors and open offices, yet with a 90-litre capacity, the durable, rotationally moulded EnviroStep stands some 970mm high, ideal for ergonomic efficiency. The bin sports front castors and an integral handle, overcoming the problem of carrying full, vulnerable and potentially heavy sacks to collection points.

With a single aperture and pedal operated lid, the Envirostep Single is ideal for collecting heavy waste such as food or paper but is equally suitable for collecting general waste or mixed recyclate. The Envirostep bin comes with WRAP compliant colouring and labelling as standard, although personalisation options are available.