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Care sector jobs - Sir David, left, with Justin Hutchens, HC-One CEO

Care sector jobs - Care & Nursing Essentials magazine presents a round-up of new appointments, promotions and vacancies at care providers and within the wider social care sector.

Care home nurses are REAL nurses

Lindsay Dingwall, Clinical/Academic Nurse Consultant for Older People from the University of Dundee, on recruiting and retaining the right care home nurses in order to tackle the social care crisis…

We already know that there is a crisis in nurse recruitment in the NHS, but care homes especially, are losing out in the race to recruit registered nurses with the best knowledge, skills and talent. Ironically, if care homes close, aside from some of the most vulnerable people in our society being denied the care they need, the NHS also suffers. So why are care home nurses not more valued?

DBS check - a job application form

As most people working within the care industry will know, all staff in care homes, hospitals and working as care providers in someone else’s home are subject to a DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) check. Employers can encounter staffing problems if DBS checks aren’t done quickly and efficiently. Here, Care & Nursing Essentials editor Victoria Galligan busts some of the myths regarding DBS checks and explores what a DBS check actually is, who needs one and how to avoid costly delays when applying…

Flexible caring - Christian Brøndum is CEO of Planday

Christian Brøndum is the CEO of Planday, a start-up that provides workforce management software to businesses working across all sectors including both hospitality and care homes. Here, he tells Care & Nursing Essentials about how software can help deal with the challenges of retaining staff…

Recently, Carers UK announced the results of a report which found that over 600 people quit their job every day to prioritise caring for older and disabled relatives. Anyone working in the care sector will be familiar with the unique stresses of caring for an elderly or disabled person. Perhaps even more stressful is the fact that often, employers fail to provide the flexibility necessary for workers to keep their jobs whilst caring for their loved ones. Whether you work in the care sector or find yourself struggling to care for relatives whilst working, the need for flexibility is a pressing issue.

Sunrise of Sonning nursing students

Sunrise of Sonning, on Old Bath Road, has launched a scheme to give nursing students an opportunity to train and learn in a hands-on environment, in addition to their university studies. Their first placement student began on 21st January and is undertaking a five week placement.

This marks the first placement student that Sunrise Senior Living UK has taken on, and the company hopes to start introducing the scheme across its other care homes in the UK over the coming months.

Annegy Mataso, who is in her 3rd year at the University of West London (UWL), is the lucky student now working at Sunrise of Sonning care home. Following an assessment of the Community and a lot of paperwork to get the process signed off, Sunrise of Sonning was considered a suitable place for student placements and started looking for their first candidate.