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Care homes are encouraged to take part in the Road Worlds for Seniors 2019 cycling event

Motitech, the Norwegian startup motivating older people and those with dementia to engage in more physical activity, has announced its partnership with British Cycling and Sport England, which will support Motitech in delivering opportunities for older people to remain active through cycling. This includes the Road Worlds for Seniors 2019 cycling event that takes place throughout the month of September.

Road Worlds for Seniors is Motitech’s global activity programme for cycling within care homes and care centres, which will run throughout September alongside the UCI Road World Championships in Yorkshire. It will set the focus on physical activity for older people using its concept, Motiview, in which older people cycle through a choice of 1,700 locations on stationary bikes via a video projection that plays whilst the person pedals.

Elderly lady at social community group

TACKLING isolation is the aim of a new community group for older people living in Pelton and the surrounding area.

The Hawthorn Project & Eat With Me initiative is a drop in social group to support elderly members of the community, their families, carers and friends.

It aims to tackle social isolation and improve the wellbeing of elderly residents through regular gatherings and activities.

The project is funded by Durham County Council through the Older People’s Social Isolation Fund, part of Chester-le-Street and District Area Action Partnership.

Meetings are being held at Pelton Community Centre, on Front Street, with attendees from nearby Pelton Grange Care Home, alongside others from the area.

Toddler and elderly resident engaging in activities and joint play

TEESSIDE toddlers and elderly care home residents are taking part in mutually beneficial intergenerational sessions.

Drawing, dancing, singing and chatting brought together the youngsters at Busy Bees Nursery, in Thornaby, with residents from Ingleby Care Home, in Ingleby Barwick.

The youngsters, aged three and four years old, gave a warm welcome to the care home’s two visiting residents, Joyce Muir, 83, and Moira Hall, 79.

Despite the age difference between the groups, both have benefitted from spending time in each other’s company, which has included several previous sessions at both the nursery and care home.

Kelly Nicholson, manager at Busy Bees Nursery, said: “We have one very shy, quiet little boy. When our friends from Ingleby Care Home came over, he came right out of his shell.  

Deep root planter for horticultural therapy

Plant therapy as a trend is rising, not only amongst the elderly, but across the nation, as mental health stigmas are reduced. In this context however, we will be looking at what this type of therapy is and how it can be beneficial for those looking to get a bit greener with their fingers. 

What is it? 

Plant therapy or horticultural therapy involves the use of nature, and gardening as an activity, to evoke feelings of serenity and calmness. In a setting with older people, this can be an excellent way to reflect, but also to rediscover days gone by where gardening would have previously been a key hobby. Whilst you can get those who work full time as plant therapists to come to your care home, there are also simple additions you can make to encourage similar feelings in your patients. 

Hazelgrove Court Care Home residents Susan Turner and Pat Keleher take part in a Rainbow Tai Chi session

TAI CHI sessions are being piloted at a North Yorkshire care home, Hazelgrove Care Home, to help residents with their mobility and stress levels.

The ancient Chinese martial art is now being practiced at Hazelgrove Care Home, on Randolph Street, in Saltburn-by-the-Sea.

Specialist sessions are being run for the elderly residents by facilitator Allison O’Neill, the owner of Saltburn based Guiding Light School of Holistic Education and Healing.

Called Rainbow Tai Chi, the sessions are based on the international Capacitar Multicultural Wellness Education programme, which originated in the USA.

Allison is piloting the therapeutic sessions at the home, which involves gentle, flowing movements to exercise the muscles without causing strain on the joints.

The NHS advises that tai chi can help people aged 65 and over to reduce stress, improve posture, balance and general mobility, and increase muscle strength in the legs.

Powerful and classic cover songs, ideal for private events and public venues.

My name is Alexandra, I would like to offer my services as a singer. I am a trained therapist to diploma level with a deep appreciation and imagination for arts and crafts. Before my diploma I studied Health and Social Care and ran an activities job full time. I have a professional trained voice and a comprehensive knowledge of over a decade of songs. 

All this combined with a genuine interest in lifting the mood of the people I do my activities with and planning our goals. I create a supportive, humanistic approach with an interest in tell and hear stories and ideas during these activities. 

I hold a DBS and public liability insurance, both current and in date. I am happy to work with your individual requirements and can be flexible in my programme/set.