Care with Focus

At Willow we are working to save caregivers time and stress.

We aim to do that with our sensor textile mats that can detect bed exits and body fluids such as urine, blood, vomit or faeces.

When a vulnerable person is leaving their bed or body fluids come into contact with the mat the sensor sends a signal to willow design - Care with Focuseither a call system or our app (search TEXIBLE Wisbi on either google play or the app store).  The mat initially connects to the smart device you have the app on via Wi-Fi, however once you have connected once you will automatically reconnect as soon as the mat is activated.  

These prompt signals support the caregivers in their daily work while also improving the vulnerable persons safety and well-being. As long as you have either data signal or Wi-Fi connection you will receive the signals not matter how far you are from the mat.

We also provide a range of high-quality Incontinence Disposables that includes Diapers, Pull-Ups, Under Pads, Wearable Pads and more.  

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