CM urges the social care industry to embrace technology

Leading care workforce management solution urges the social care industry to embrace technology

A market leading workforce management technology company is urging local authorities and care providers to embrace technology and digital solutions to tackle the social care crisis.

Part of HAS Technology Group, CM (previously CM2000) provide innovative mix and match technology to suit the needs and budgets of local authority and private care providers.

With the social care industry at a tipping point, and many providers struggling to be financially sustainable, technology is providing the ability to gather intelligence, support the achievement of outcomes and ensure the right care is delivered at the right time.

Launched in 1999, CM created the electronic homecare monitoring market at a time when manually processing timesheets was the norm and transparency of care delivery was non-existent.

CM started as a simple visit time recording solution and has grown rapidly now supporting 122 local authorities and over 3,000 care provider branches with integrated care monitoring, scheduling, safeguarding and financial management solutions, as well as latest innovations including wearable technology.

CM has continually innovated to meet the changing needs of the social care market and has been at the forefront of supporting outcomes-based commissioning and continuity of care delivery, with over 240,000 service users currently Care home nurse urging resident to embrace technologybenefiting from CMs technology services.

North Tyneside Council commented: “One word we associate with CM’s technology is SAFE – safe in the knowledge my customers are receiving the best possible service, delivered at the right time providing the right care and that my staff are safe while at work.”

Mark Kennion, CM director, added: “CM has come a long way since its inception, initially adopted as an efficiency tool. Advancements in technology, and the innovative nature of our business, has enabled us to continually adapt and develop systems that will ultimately improve the quality of care delivered to the end user.

“Our technology has already proven to enable capacity, reduce operational costs and improve efficiency. This has to be about improving the quality of care people receive and the social care industry need to treat digital projects as long-term business change projects.”

CMs vision is to help improve the efficiency and quality of home care delivery with the belief that care should be good quality with services that are transparent. Whether care is funded by an individual or the state, CM believes that you should only pay for what is actually delivered and this needs to work in tandem with a fair price for care.

Cllr Kathy Williams, Cabinet Member for Long-term Care, Gloucestershire County Council added “Our top priority has always been to make sure vulnerable people across the county receive the care they need. CM has helped us ensure that care is being met”.

HAS Technology Group offers a variety of services, including CM, PAMMS and ARMED, which provide holistic prevention, commissioning and a delivery package of solutions. The group is leading the way with an innovative approach to social care technology solutions to ensure ongoing improvements in delivery and quality of care.