Does your diabetes care meet national standards and best practice?

How confident are your workforce in understanding diabetic footcare or spotting and treatingdiabetes care hypo awareness certificate a hypoglycaemic event?

“Access to good quality diabetes education and training for care home staff” is one of the elements of good diabetes care as laid out by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).
Diabetes affects around 25% of residents in care homes (residential and nursing) and 15% or more in mental health care facilities.

Last year a review was published in ‘Diabetic Medicine’ where the authors had reviewed multiple studies carried out over 25 years involving care home residents with diabetes.  It resulted in leading experts concluding that diabetes care in care homes still remains “fragmented” and that steps need to be taken to ensure the “health and dignity” of older people.  They also commented that care homes “often do not meet national standards” of diabetes care and staff training is “patchy”.

The lead author, Professor Alan Sinclair of the Foundation for Diabetes Research in Older People and University Aston said:

diabetes care pen“Our findings show the level of diabetes care remains fragmented which is quite worrying because figures suggest up to a third of care home residents are believed to have the condition. Without proper management, it can lead to frailty, dependency, disability and reduced life expectancy. There is also the added strain on the NHS as frequent hospital admissions to treat diabetes-related complications are costly, not to mention unsettling for the patient.”

The researchers have made a series of recommendations which includes ensuring a ‘policy of diabetes care’, investment in training for staff, dissemination and implementation of CQC guidance, introducing better interventions and more.  All to help to improve the outcomes for residents living with diabetes.

‘DUET diabetes’ helps care and health providers across East Anglia to upskill and increase the confidence of their staff regarding the diabetes management of adults under their care.  We do this by offering a range of small interactive, discussion based workshops led by an experienced diabetes specialist nursewho also works within the NHS. We are passionate about what we do - our ultimate aim being to improve the quality of life for people living with diabetes, regardless of what stage of life they are at.

Feedback collated from our training sessions indicates a strong learning preference by attendees for “small groups that are interactive and led by a professional”.

DUET diabetes - dedicated to delivering understanding, education and training to empower nurses, carers and healthcare support workers; enabling them to make a positive difference to those living with diabetes.

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