Bluebird Care’s Franchise Support Office Team Receive Dementia Training

Bluebird Care, a national provider of home care services, recently invited  Informed Dementia Care to come in and deliver their outstanding ‘dementia suits experience’ to members of Bluebird Care’s Franchise Support Office team. 

The purpose of the dementia training was for team members from Head Office to experience, first-hand, how ageing can impact the body and mind, and better understand how dementia can affect a person’s wellbeing and safety.

The dementia training highlighted the key signs that many people miss when an individual living with dementia is in distress or experiencing some kind of discomfort.
Many of the Franchise Support Office team work hard to benefit those living with dementia on a day-to-day basis, but rarely come into direct contact with many of their customers. Therefore, the training gave the Bluebird Care team real insight into how everyday tasks can be a struggle for people living with dementia.

Attendees experienced a number of ageing symptoms and scenarios throughout the three-hour training programme, including:Bluebird Care staff at Dementia Training

  • Restrictive movement
  • Shoe discomfort
  • Weighted clothing
  • Impaired vision

The team remarked that everyone in the social care sector, whether in direct contact with those living with dementia or not, should experience this training.

Sam Hart, Bluebird Care’s Training Manager, said:

“As part of developing our expertise in supporting customers in their own homes, we felt the dementia suits experience programme would empower our Franchise Support Office Team and allow them to fully understand what dementia could be like.”