CareEase – a care management software from Datamatics

The growing demographics, rise in government expenditure in the healthcare sector, increasing aging population, and the need for quality care is driving the market for care management solutions. Care Homes across USA, UK and other developed countries are fast embracing technology to offer quality care services to their residents. Datamatics CareEase is an evidence-based fully automated care management solution offering real-time monitoring of member’s vital health parameters while increasing your operational efficiency by over 80%.

Old lady in wheelchair with carer happy knowing her care home uses an efficient care management solutionWhat the fully automated care management software enables:

  • Recording of end-to-end care information and management of critical information and health parameters at Point of Care through hand-held devices

  • Fully automated and centralized maintenance of highly accurate resident information available online and in real-time Integration with the Hospital Management System, EHR & EMR Systems
  • Highly intuitive user interface with a role-based 360-degree view of resident data to authenticated users
  • Seamless connect between care workers, care managers, and resident doctors working in different shifts
  • Freeing up care management resources from administrative tasks to focus on core activities of interacting and caring for residents
  • Quick administration of care during emergencies due to seamless data access to care workers
  • Faster, better, and cheaper care management towards the satisfaction of residents and their kin


Key features:

  • Allows capture of all aspects of care data e.g. Personal Details, Eating and Drinking Habits,
  • Sense and Communication information, Health and Safety Information, Wellbeing and Social Activities, Mental Health, Health Screening details etc.
  • Guides and reminds Care worker for Drug Administration, Repeat Tests, Diagnosis, Food Administration, Care Data Collection etc. using Automatic Task allocation and Task tracking
  • Allows Care Worker / Physician to design and track outcome based custom Care Plan for each Resident
  • Provides a comprehensive snapshot on Resident’s health status, allowing well-informed decisions
  • Role-based access to various stakeholders (Care Worker, Physician, Resident, Family Member etc.) eliminates data misuse risk significantly

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